Senior Applications SW Engineer (Android, IOS, Linux)

Job Description As a member of the ASD Next Engineering Team, this position will be responsible for creating the Application SW to deliver new user experiences and product concepts. These products will include Bose offerings that combine aspects of both consumer and automotive products, tie in cloud based experiences where applicable, and will allow ASD to expand their product portfolio. For that reason, we are looking for not only a technically strong and competent Application SW Engineer, but also an agile and creative mind. A detail obsessed person who is capable of prototyping new products and ideas, solving technical problems, and producing compelling concepts for user evaluation. The candidate must demonstrate agility in SW applications thinking and rapid prototyping of consumer electronic products. You will be responsible for the Applications SW in support and interacting with custom and off-the-shelf electronics that may contain features like high performance and low power applications, Bluetooth radios, audio and entertainment services, audio amplifiers and equalizers, sensors (inertial measurement units, capacitive/inductive/magnetic, light/color, environmental) and user interfaces. Additionally, the candidate collaborates with industry vendors to specify the Application SW requirement and delivery thereof for future products enabling Bose to maintain competitive advantage. A candidate must have strong and diverse skills in Applications SW based on different mobile and embedded OS's (Android/Linux/iOS) within electronic products, and be able to work with both public and private APIs to steer and control hardware and software experiences. Major responsibilities/tasks: Work within a small technical team spanning multiple domains (Hardware, Software, Mechanical, UI/UX, Systems, and Application). This team will be responsible for delivering on all technical aspects from idea to prototype to eventual product in an agile, flexible and creative environment. Responsible for all Application SW development aspects for the ASD Next team, from evaluating and implementing all SW applications that are a needed to deliver a compelling user experience to our customers - starting with the Idea, through conceptualization and developing it into a sellable product. Work with 3rd party vendors and partner to ensure we can deliver future user experiences using externally developed applications software that can easily integrate into our product experiences that are competitive, compelling and future proof. Help drive the research into new and exciting technologies and application interfaces, and collaborate with other divisions in understanding and sharing of technology roadmaps, portfolios and intellectual property. Enforce adherence to Bose Application SW Design Criteria and Bose SW Product Specifications, and help influence future Bose SW Design guidelines. Work with the UX/UI Design groups to ensure all application SW meets UI/UX standards and maximum use of Bose internal assets. Ensure all application software requirements documentation is accurate and detailed, including helping to draft storyboards, SW application usage trees and user manuals for the application. Work with qualification teams to ensure the application software reliability of the concepts/experiences/products, including the use case testing. Provide the expert guidance for technical go / no go decisions for product and experience concepts related to Application Software. . Education/Experience: A BS in SW engineering or related technical field is required. A masters degree or higher degree is preferred, although comparable experiences will be valued as well. The candidate should have 8+ years of progressive technical experience. Experience in defining and delivering Application SW from idea to concept to product delivery is strongly preferred. Experience in automotive electronics and related consumer electronics, is strongly preferred. Experience with agile and flexible development cycles is preferred. Understanding of C/C++ and creation of applications in iOS/Android/Linux is an absolute must. Candidate may present a portfolio of created applications to support this experience requirement. Must have experience working with Engineering Service providers, including creation and execution of Statements of Work working with 3rd party providers. Prefer candidates who have experience working across company divisions and managing products that span multiple functional areas and feature sets.  Required Skills and Competencies: Attention to detail, planning and organizational skills Creative, outside-the box thinking is a strong plus for this role, as this role will be part of the creation of new products and experiences. Specific technical experience and ability to demonstrate a track record of multiple & successful product development experiences from concept through prototyping, qualification and product delivery. Strong communication skills with the ability to influence cross-divisional cooperation Ability to provide presentations on the Application SW details to internal and external customers, including the ability to provide a walkthrough of all application features and functions. Long term strategic and integrative thinking with a strong understanding of technology trends and how they can be relevant to automotive use cases. R8135
Salary Range: NA
Minimum Qualification
Not Specified years

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